How Long Does the Warranty Last?

All Booster massage products purchased through Booster.London and authorized resellers come with a 1-year limited warranty. The warranty will be declared null and void for all Booster products purchased from non-authorized resellers (for example, eBay). Booster.London warrants all components against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 1 year from the date of the original retail purchase. The 1-year warranty does not cover accidental damage or misuse.


How Do I Qualify for the 1-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty?

If you purchased the Booster directly from Booster.London, you have been automatically registered for our 1-year manufacturer’s warranty. 

Please note: The warranty will be declared null and void for all laser helmets purchased from non-authorized resellers (for example, eBay).

What Is Different Between Your Warranty and Your Extended Warranty?

Every Booster product comes with a 1-year manufacturer limited warranty. Boostercare for Booster products extends your coverage from one year to three year from the original purchase date of your Booster and adds technical fault and accidental damage coverage. Purchase your Boostercare by visiting: www.booster.london/shop.

Please note: Boostercare is only available for orders shipped to U.K. addresses.



We are the official Booster® distribution for the massage gun range and we are based in LONDON.

Booster® are the original creators of the massage gun with robust components that are reliable and designed to last.  The unique luxury design is mastered with the latest materials and features to reduce noise.


The massage gun helps relieve muscle soreness and stiffness / Improves range of motion / Promotes circulation / Accelerates warm up and recovery. It is a sleek, ergonomic, and portable massage hammer tool. With at least 2-3 hours of continuous use (other massagers last from 20-40 minutes) and multiple heads. You can always get to those hard-to-reach places. It’s perfect if you enjoy sports, training, CrossFit, or any other sports. It’s ideal for pro and elite athletes as well as for casual use. It is quiet...Whisper quiet when compared to other massage guns. No obnoxious power tool hammering sound - only lightweight quiet muscle and joint relief. Reduced pain, improved flexibility, injury prevention, enhanced recovery can all be yours in one simple solution.


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